The Richmond Mural Project is a yearly event with the goal of creating over 100 murals by world renown talent in the first 5 years alone. The recurrence and solidification of the project throughout this time will establish Richmond as a landmark destination for internationally recognized murals and will create exposure for the city, establishing it as a premier art destination. By concentrating a large number of murals throughout the city the project will increase tourism and will bring the much needed “Feet on the Street” which will help local business thrive.


Shane Pomajambo
Founder & Executive Director

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Shane Pomajambo has been an avid art collector for over twenty years and gallery owner since 2007. He opened Art Whino eight years ago bringing the much needed Low Brow voice to the nation’s capital. With over seventy curated exhibits centered on this art movement, the gallery ranks among the top five galleries for low brow artists today and continually pushes to bring attention to this art form that Pomajambo is so passionate in sharing with the rest of the world. Large group exhibits such as the G40 Art Summit, which has become a yearly show that brings in artists from around the world to Washington DC for a month long event, increase awareness of the gallery and its mission.

Projects such as The Richmond Mural Project have played an integral role in gaining momentum for mural art world in the US, with the largest grouping of murals in the nation. Pomajambo’s publications, “Art Whino Mag” and the books “Newbrow: 50 Contemporary Artists” bring new brow and mural art to the public at large in an accessible printed format.

In the Fall of 2015 Shane Pomajambo will release the “Art of the Mural” , a four part book focusing on 50 of the top muralists worldwide in each edition. With 200 muralists in the series it will be the all-encompassing book focusing on Murals which a special Foreword and 4 part essay by the critically acclaimed New York Art Critic Carlo McCormick. In 2013, Shane Pomajambo created his Non Profit Blind Whino SW Arts Club created to motivate and inspire art throughout DC, providing the space as an art beacon and art cultivator. Through the efforts of all of these projects, Pomajambo has achieved many honors such as being named Best of DC by the City Paper seven years in a row and has created a following over 250,000 strong in social media outreach.

W. Jesse Wright
Director of Digital

Jesse grew up listening to everything from early 80s hiphop to metal. Realizing that his breakdancing and drumming skillz wouldn't actually pay the bills, he pursued his other passions in computers and marketing. While at two top advertising agencies, Jesse has planned and led teams to launch digital products for clients including Microsoft, Lenovo, Geico, Oreo, Sherwin-Williams, Stoli, Coke Zero and American Cancer Society. His teams have earned awards such as IAB MIXX Awards Best in Show and a Cannes Cyber Lion.


Press Inquires

Please contact shane[at]artwhino.com.


We are always looking for volunteers and interns to help us with our upcoming events.

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic, individuals with some experience in sales and a passion for the arts who are looking to break into the gallery world.

How do you start the process? Easy. Shoot us an email at shane[at]artwhino.com!

Building Owners & Business Partners

Do you own a building that would look great with one of our world-renowned muralists artwork on it? Or, would you like to host an event or reception for Richmond Mural Project? We'd love to talk to you. Shoot us an email at shane[at]artwhino.com.

Muralist Submission Form

Are you a muralist or do you know a muralist who we should work with? Email us at shane[at]artwhino.com.